Hooked On Books

Get Hooked on Our Books!

Welcome to Our Website! 

We do not buy books. 

Please do not drop books off outside our door. We like to see your smiling face, and the books get damaged.

Revised Credit Policy:

*We are only taking books we don't have.

*We give 15% of the original price of book as store credit.

*Publication dates must be from 2005-present (paperback)

and 2010-present (hardcover).

For more information on policies:


We reserve the right to not take books for any reason.

We sell party balloons!

Mylar and Latex balloons! 

Check out our Mylar balloons on our facebook in the Photo Album "Balloons We Have"

Any questions please email us: HookedOnBooksPA@gmail.com 

Jackie, The Owner, did an interview and video with the Morning Call. Check it out Here

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